The Opening of the Photo Exhibition “Feel the Air” and the Award Ceremony of the Photo Contest “Portray Air, Expose Pollution” was held at Deutsches Haus in Ho Chi Minh City, April 16th, 2019. 

The event aims to raise public awareness about air pollution and encourages Vietnamese to be part of the solution and speak up to -reduce pollution for cleaner air. The photo exhibition "Feel the Air" was opened free to visitors during April 17-28, 2019 at Deutsches Haus.

Following the success of the photo contest "Portray Air, Expose Pollution" organized from December 21, 2018 to February 01, 2019 with more than 1,000,000 online reaches and 732 entries submitted from all regions of Vietnam, the photo exhibition "Feel the Air" has selected 34 top entries including 11 winning photographs and 24 other photographs which reflect the best the spirit of the campaign "Clean air, blue sky", for display at the Deutsches Haus. All these photos were carefully selected by the qualified judges.

The photo contest “Portray Air, Expose Pollution" and “Feel the Air" photo exhibition are two kick-off activities for “Clean air, blue sky" campaign. The event welcomed over one hundred guests, including representatives from the HCMC Department of Natural Resources and Environment, a number of  Embassies, media agencies, partner organizations, NGOs, scientists and environmentalists, and photographers.

"Vietnam is a beautiful country that used to own much cleaner air for many decades. However, due to the rapid and unsustainable development of heavy industries and transportations, the atmosphere of Vietnam was somewhat affected as you can see in the photos,” said Mrs. Daniela Scheetz - German Deputy Consul General in Ho Chi Minh City. “I hope that through the "Clean air, blue sky" campaign and especially the photo exhibition "Feel the Air", everyone will join hands to protect a clean atmosphere for sustainable development”

At the ceremony, CHANGE also launched two communications products for the campaign "Clean air, blue skies," including a short video entitled "The grey planet" and website called "" to send a strong warning message about the current haze pollution.

"According to the World Bank report, air pollution in Vietnam has caused damage to 5% of annual GDP. Therefore, maintaining a healthy atmosphere is an urgent action for sustainable economic development,” Ms. Nguyen Thi Cat Tuong - Project manager of CHANGE said. “I hope that through the photo exhibition "Feel the Air" and the campaign "Clean Air, blue sky", people can clearly perceive the impact of air pollution on the environment and human health. We need to work together to reverse the air pollution which is affecting every one of us.".

In the coming days, all of the 34 selected photos will be transferred to a bus and move through five big venues of Ho Chi Minh City at the beginning of June. Inside the bus will be adorned by information of AQI indexes, while the 34 pictures will be placed both outside and inside the bus. The purpose of the bus tour is to bring the winning photos closer to the public, especially to young people, and further communicate the campaign "Clean air, blue sky" to raise the awareness of Vietnamese people about the rising air pollution crisis in the country...

List of winners of the photo contest "Portray Air, Expose Pollution":

  • The First Prize: “Northern Thermal Power Center ” by Nguyen Thanh Chung;
  • The Second prizes:  “Collecting trash” by Pham Huy Dang  and "Bao Loc: city of smoke" by Le Van Cuong
  • The Third prizes:  "Thermal power plant beside a natural world wonder" by Tran Ngoc Nam, "Depletion of water resources" by Tran Van Tuy and "Two... three, let's hold our breath!" by Nguyen Minh Tan.